Computer Science VS Software Engineering | What Roles Do They Play


Computer Science VS Software Engineering | What Roles Do They Play

It is interesting to note that two career options that are perceived as equal are very different. Yes, there are overlapping areas in their operations and training, but they are certainly unique. These roles are:
–      Computer science
–       Software engineering
Those interested in a career focused on software development and information technology often focus on one of the two main ones: computer science or software engineering (sometimes called software development, although the two are not synonymous). Without a doubt, getting an accredited degree in one of these fields will probably prepare a student for a variety of software-related roles.
However, while these two fields of study have some similarities, they are not one in the same; in reality, they have many subtle and noticeable differences that set them apart. To better understand the distinctions, read our basic introduction and the article.


To begin with difference between computer science and software engineeringdifference between computer science and software engineering, it is useful to understand how these two fields of study are similar. In the end, both are related to software and virtually everything related. For example, those with a degree in computer science or software engineering can specialize in the development of programming languages, system software, software architecture or application development. The focus of these two fields of study overlaps because both require the student to develop an intimate knowledge of computers, in particular of the software and its various applications.
Of course, there are differences between the two paths, although no two computer professionals explain these differences in the same way. One way to understand the differences is to examine two specific words within the given nomenclature; that is to say “engineer” and “science” (or “scientist”). Engineers, by their nature, have the task of developing solutions to problems or creating more efficient processes using existing tools. By extension, software engineers often find themselves creating new software using existing languages ​​or established practices that are already in use. Contrary to this, scientists have often refined their research and development experience (and pushing) the boundaries of their field. Therefore, computer scientists can help create new algorithms or types of language that will eventually be used to develop software.
Many agree that a degree in computer science better prepares a student to solve theoretical problems and investigate the development of computer technology, while a degree in software engineering gives the student knowledge of the software development process and how to apply it as an engineer.

What roles do they play?

Software Engineering –

When you become a software engineer, your goals will include searching and generating software that you can use on computers. You will use a systematic approach, applying your engineering principles to achieve this goal.
Activities will include:
– Software production
-Software development
– Software maintenance
You can specialize in a sub-discipline that uses these basic tasks to achieve specific goals, such as:
– Software quality
– to analyze, specify and validate the requirements of specific software
– Software construction that includes all activities, from programming to testing, then integration and debugging
– The economics of software engineering linked to the role in a corporate environment.
– Embedded software
– Games and entertainment as application development.
As part of engineering disciplines, it makes sense that licensing programs are implemented as with other engineering programs. This is particularly relevant if the work of a software engineer is related to public safety. However, this is still under discussion in most countries.
So how does computer science connect to this? An important difference between a scientific and engineering approach is this:
– Scientists mainly discover, test, and research new theories.
-The engineers work with these theories that have already been proven.

Computer Science:

This is what you will work with during course management and IT responsibilities:
– Further information on data processing and algorithm instructions
– Archiving of these data.
How do computer devices communicate this data?
These scientists are scientists and mathematicians, experts in computational theory, and computer systems design. Although his work may include abstract and concrete knowledge, he focuses on data and the search for more effective ways of relating to them:
-Low processing
In practical terms, this could refer to jobs such as:
– Researchers
– Network Architects
– Software developers
– Systems analysts
– Helps create databases in which data is statistically modeled
– Find ways in which data can be protected and kept authentic
The areas of specialization include:
– Real computer graphics application
– Abstract theory of computational complexity.
– Security
– Improve the industry by developing new coding languages.
– Mobile and internet processing
– Artificial intelligence and tries to duplicate human intelligence and create learning computers

Bottom line:

In the end, while it is impossible to put a single label in this field of study, mainly due to the changing nature of technology, computer scientists must expect to familiarize themselves with computers, their functions and their general application. While some software programs may play a role in this area, IT may also have the task of developing new programming languages ​​or researching new technologies to expand the boundaries of the sector. In general, computer science combines concrete and abstract concepts about computers and technology. Software engineering, like other engineering disciplines, aims to use computer applications and general software to create efficiencies or solve problems. Therefore, software engineers can expect to develop and maintain existing software for several different purposes. Although software engineers will generally not find themselves in research-based positions, they should expect to familiarize themselves with software development, as well as how to use the variety of tools in their arsenal to create useful end products.

Computer Science VS Software Engineering | What Roles Do They Play

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