Few Best Place to hide your Gun in your house, where nobody will see them.
If you carry the gun two most important responsibilities: keeping the gun inside a safe, and placing them safely out of the sight, recently safes come in market with various size, shape, colour with different advanced features.
For some security reasons, you do not want to show it someone that can be reached, by any robber come into the house.
Here are the best places to hide guns in your home:
#1. Food Boxes
One of the best places to hide the gun in your home is any type of food boxes like pizza will be a different option to hide handgun, because it would be one of the very last place a robber would even think to look
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#2. Back of the door
Back of the door is the best place to keep your gun secure when you have a door in front of you; the backside is always invisible so, the door is the perfect place to attach your gun safe particularly if it is just a small one.
#3. Couches and tables
Table and couches are the most common furniture inside any house; it can be present anywhere like kitchen, bedroom, and living room, use this all places as hidden space for your gun safe.
#4. The pillow safe
Best or hands-on option looks at the pillow for keep your gun safe, you can store your favourite handgun near to where you sleep, it’s lightweight, attractive design is just another reason to pull the trigger on this safe, it is designed as a real pillow and allow you to sleep comfortably.
#5. Secret mirror doors
Find all the method or places, that’s you can keep your gun safe in your home Secret mirror doors is one of them by Turing your mirror into secret door then you can put your gun, it is a smarter way to keeping your gun secure from intruders.
#6 Air vents
Air vents are one of the best locations for your gun safe in your home granted robber may think to look there are some money or other important, but anyone else probably will not guess.
#7. Fake Book
This is one of the oldest options to place your gun safe but you can easily hide a small pistol in a realistic-looking, for other side’s larger pistols, you made to require a real page-turner.
#8. Underground
You can also use underground as best gun safe in your home such as PVC pipe, pelican case, ammo can or anything else that can keep the weapon fully protected from moisture damage.
#9. The gun clock
Gun clock is a simple and affordable option for your gun safe in your home, gun clock available with various sizes and shapes in the market, its great place to hide your gun; nobody can guess it is a gun safe clock.
10. Coffee table with hidden storage
Coffee table with hidden storage is used for bigger weapons near about 40-inch long compartment for AK-47; Robber cannot find easily our weapons.
In our home multiple places we can use as gun safe and your valuable think keep securely not all the places in your home are equal secure from robber

Few Best Place to hide your Gun in your house

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