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Internet communication community

The internet how it works

The internet how it works

Where us of internet ?

Internet is used to control tr system , school, colleges, hospital etc…

how does it all fit together?

The internet how it works

At in your home you might have a small network without wires but it is connected to the internet by a cable. your home is connected to the internet by a wire that is fiber optic cable in the ground to a cabinet where many wires are connected to a large internet cable.You can also connect with a mobile, without wires, and then signals are sent to and from your mobile through a mobile mast which is then connected to an internet cable. When you use the internet, your device is part of the internet network.Thes cables are installed in ground. Installed cable are fiber optic cable.These cable travel large amount of data in one second .These small networks are interconnected with larger networks and then all over the world with the help of fiber optic cable that send information super fast.

The internet how it works

Nearly five times around the Earth per second!Because it’s light in these large internet cables that send the information, which we usually call internet traffic.

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Where is the web us?

The internet how it works

You have the web, for instance, in your PC, versatile universities and digital bistro obviously. The web is the world’s biggest system of PCs and exists everywhere throughout the planet.

The internet how it works

How it work internet

On the internet, there are large number of computers called servers. Contained in the
servers are things like websites or huge game worlds.It is common to have many servers connected in large data centers. But it also
possible to have a server at home or at work.

If you want to check out a website, a kind of question is sent from your computer to a server on the internet that answers. The server that answers can be located anywhere in the world.Then the website is sent to your computer and you can see it and click on it.

In what capacity can a site locate the ideal spot on the web and touch base on my PC?

That is on the grounds that all machines that are associated with the web, similar to PC,m obiles and servers, have their own location.Y ou can likewise say that web locations resemble phone numbers. The correct numbers organized appropriately make the PCs and mobiles ready to locate each other on the web. It resembles calling a phone number and having somebody answer.

Number and codes.

The internet how it works

A location to a PC that is associated with the web can look like this.The number locations on the web are called IP addresses.You can not read and recall such a large number of numbers and focuses ! This is the reason PCs make an interpretation of number delivers to letters. On the off chance that you compose or click on a connect to a web address, your PC at that point contacts the correct server with assistance of the web’s location registry.But really, the location is meant a lot of numbers and focuses. Addresses on the web can be short similar to google.com A location with letters rather than numbers is known as a space name.It is the servers that have area names, not the PC, portable or tablet.

There are around 260 million area names on the planet. What’s more, there are around 1.3 million locations. There are additionally different tends to that end with two letters that show which nation a webpage has as its home.The truncation toward the part of the bargain address, similar to .se, is known as a top-level area and there are more than 300 diverse top-level areas on the planet.

Have you seen addresses that end in .com, .net or .org?

These are addresses that do not indicate where in the world the server is located but which can be found anywhere. The island of Niue has the country top-level domain .nu, which is used in the same way since the word “nu” means “now” in both Swedish and Dutch.Now to summarize a bit:The net is easy to use because there is a system with addresses so that you can always find theright way on the internet.

how internet works step by step


The Web gives numerous offices to the individuals.

1. Promotion:

Today, the vast majority of the business associations publicize their item through Web. This are shabby and effective route for the promoting of items. The items can be given alluring and delightful path to the individuals around the globe.

2. Correspondence channel:

You can speak with other through Web the world over. You can talk by viewing to each other; just you are conversing with your companions . For this reason, various administrations are given on the Web i.e.. Talking Video conferencing Email Web communication and so forth.

3. Diversion :

Web additionally gives distinctive kind of amusements to the individuals. You can mess around with other individuals . Also, you can see films, listen music and so forth. You can likewise make new companions on the Web for happiness.

4. Online Training framework:

Web gives the office to get online training. Numerous sites of various colleges give talks and instructional exercises on various subjects or points. You can likewise download these talks or instructional exercises into your own PC.

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