Information Technology And Communication
Information Technology And Communication

Stands for “Information and Communication Technologies.” ICT refers to technologies that offer access to data through telecommunications.

it’s the same as data Technology (IT), however focuses totally on communication technologies.

This includes the net, wireless networks, cell phones, and different communication mediums.

Information and communication technologies (ICE) are wide adopted and

exploited in most instructional establishments so as to support e-Learning through

different learning methodologies, ICE solutions, and style paradigms. particularly,

over the past decade computer-supported cooperative learning (CSCL) has become

one of the foremost influential learning paradigms dedicated to rising teaching and

learning with the assistance of recent data and communication technology. In

order to support CSCL implementation, several learning management systems (LMSs)

have appeared within the marketplace and therefore the e-Learning stakeholders (ie, e-Learning

designers and managers, tutors, and students) ar progressively rigorous new

requirements. Among these necessities, data security (IS) could be a vital

factor concerned in CSCL processes deployed in LMSs, that determines the correct

However, in step with Weippl and Eibl

CSCL services ar typically designed and enforced while not a lot of thought

The lack of security in e-Learning is additionally supported by sensible and real

As a matter of reality, recent attack reports have incontestable

a significant quantity of real-life security attacks seasoned by organizations and

The CyberSecurity Watch Survey could be a cooperative survey

research conducted by leading corporations and academic establishments .

reveals that security attacks ar a reality for many organizations: eighty one of respondents’

organizations have seasoned a security event (ie, associate adverse event that threatens

Since LMS ar code packages that integrate tools that support CSCL activi-

have shown however net application servers and management systems, which

usually support LMS infrastructure, ar deployed with security flaws. managing

more technological details related to LMSs, the Trustwave world Security Report

shows however net application servers and management systems ar deployed

with security vulnerabilities .Moreover potential LMS attacks are often studied by

Announcements , forty nine serious vulnerabilities were according in 2013.

ICT is also a broad subject and thus the ideas ar evolving.It covers any product which might store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit, or receive data electronically throughout a digital type (e.g.,

Theoretical variations between interpersonal-communication technologies and mass-communication technologies ar known by the thinker Piyush Mathur.

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